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Komar Screw
Komar Screw
Komar Screw Products

Komar supplies virtually all Fastener related hardware and class "C" items.

From standards to specials, steel to nylon all materials and products used to today's manufacturing world.

Komar Screw
Hex Head Cap Screws
Hex & square head bolts

Hex nuts & Hex flange nuts
Self-locking nuts & Keps¨ nuts
Tee nuts & Wing nuts

Tapping & thread cutting screws
Self-drilling screws
Sheet metal screws
Lag screws

Blind rivets & solid rivets
Threaded rod / Cable ties / Clamps
Pins: Clevis, roll, dowel & cotters
U-nuts, J-nuts, push-nuts
Spacers / Wire terminals / Retaining rings

Komar Screw

Materials include:
• Hastelloy¨ B, C, & X
• 300 & 400 series Stainless Steel
• Inconel¨ & Monel¨
• Alloy Steel
• Brass
• Plastic & Nylon

Electronic Hardware, Standoffs-Spacers, Captive Screws-Handles

Click here to view our Electronic Hardware Catalog
Including: Standoffs-Spacers & Captive Screws-Handles

Flat Washers & Lockwashers
Tooth and Split

Socket Products
Socket Cap Screws
Socket Set Screws

Machine screws & Thread forming screws including:
Thumb screws

Komar Screw

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